Symbiance AI Brings Impressive ZYLiQ Product to Market

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Published on April 15,2021

Symbiance AI Brings Impressive ZYLiQ Product to Market

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ZYLiQ is going to give medical writers what they need, time. Medical Writers’ who would spend hours creating Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) can now use their valuable time on interpretation of study results and their discussion points. ZYLiQ is the product from Symbiance AI, created to augment clinical research.

The premise is simple. Using artificial intelligence, ZYLiQ allows users to generate reports that would otherwise take days or months even. This product is targeted towards medical writers’ community.

This unique product collects data from sources such as:

Study Protocols

Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs)

Safety Narratives

In-text Tables

Tables, Listings, and Figures (TLFs)

It takes the information and organizes it into a clinical study report (CSR) formatted according to ICH E3 guidelines.

The software is also configurable and customizable for the organization need. ZYLiQ offers a workflow module that can be configured according to the user's needs. Symbiance AI is about working smarter. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the company provides innovative resources to the biotech/pharmaceutical/CRO industries. These products empower clinical research management with advancing technologies to meet their needs.

For a limited time, ZYLiQ will be giving away one-year free trial for medical writers who are interested in signing up.

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Chandra Shekar Gambiraopet