About ZYLiQ

ZYLiQ is an application to automate the writing of CSR and Scientific documents created by Medical Writers, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Clinical Study Report (CSR) is lengthy and manually written document which discusses about the Clinical Trial methods and results. Authoring this document consumes more manual effort. The source documents such as Protocol, Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP), Case Report Form (CRF), Safety Narratives, In-text tables, Tables, Listings and Figures (TLFs) contribute considerable amount of information to the CSR.

The tool automatically extract and collates information from sources document such as protocol, SAP, In-text etc., in the appropriate sections as per ICH E3 guidelines for CSR. The tool automates significant effort of the medical writers. The tool also has the workflow & dashboard module which can be configured as per the sponsor needs.


The system is designed to generate pre-filled CSR with information from Protocol, SAP and other sources as per ICH-E3 guidelines in the respective and system well interpret some of the study resortes sections which could save medical writers 60%-70% of time.

Medical writers can focus more on interpretation of study results and their discussion points.

In workflow integration, system can be configure as per the sponsor's needs.
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AI-Powered Application for
Automating Clinical Study Report (CSR) Authoring

Sponsor template

Sponsor workflow

Lean Writing for

Interpretation for In-text
and safety narratives

Automatic Tense

Converting Post-text to
In-text tables

Produce Reports
(Traceability/Audit log/Version history)

Multi-authoring using MS
word like editor

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